Speaker Narrative

Build your entire speaking brand in this virtual two-day cohort.

The most valuable investment you can make in your speaking business is to define and clarify your brand. 

Let’s get started.

Your defined Brand creates:

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Confidence in your sales

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Clarity in your clients

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Growth in your business

The Speaker Narrative Workshop ensures your brand conveys this value online.

It’s the right fit if...

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You have an inspiring story or subject matter expertise but AREN’T GETTING BOOKED AS OFTEN AS YOU’D LIKE.

Your video and website

Your video and website aren’t serving your brand and FAILING TO CONVERT NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

Scalable business plan

You need a scalable business plan that delivers THE LIFESTYLE AND INCOME YOU ENVISION.

Our Approach

Since 2012, we have exclusively served hundreds of renowned and aspiring professional speakers translating their expertise into greater influence, impact, and income.

Here’s how we do it:

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Brand Story +

The brain processes information as stories it tells itself. We help you craft your brand story in a way that instantly translates to your website, speaker video, and sales conversations.

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Brand Distinction +

The most successful speaking brands in the world are either known for one thing or known to one group of people. We help you identify and define your category of one. When you’re in a category of one, everything changes.

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Change Model +

Transformation happens through a process. When you can define this process for your clients, you will build trust and credibility. The greatest revenue increases consistently come as speakers build their change process. We will craft and refine your change model resulting in unprecedented business growth.

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Business Model +

Finally, we translate what you do into the most successful model for HOW YOU DO IT. Drawing from over a decade of experience, we help you build a consistent, trackable business model that accelerates your revenue growth.

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The Results

Here’s what you can expect from the workshop:

Clear Brand Story:

UNPRECEDENTED CLARITY and confidence in how you tell your story to create the biggest impact and greatest wealth.

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Category of One:

BRAND DISTINCTION that leads to higher speaking and consulting fees due to the value you deliver.

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Consistent Revenue Growth:

CLEAR PLAN AND TOOLS to track your growth as you start making the money you deserve.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

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